Android and iPhone Friendly WEB DESIGN



AnodisedBlue creates affordable, responsive mobile friendly and usable websites to get your business where it should be on the web when customers search for your services. With over 15 years of experience in web design for clients in a wide array of sectors, I deliver cost effective solutions with a personalised service. All of the sites I have built for my clients have worked well and delivered quantifiable results helping to build and grow businesses.

There are a range of options for building a site for your business, from a complete custom built responsive website to a build using an existing theme you really like. Your current site can be replicated and updated to future proof it, ported over from another platform/website builder if you want more flexibility using a platform such as WordPress, or you can have a bespoke site completely designed and developed from scratch, whether its has 30 pages or is just a single page.

I always try to visit you and spend some time learning about your business to start with, because if I understand you and your business then together we can create a site you are proud of. My whole aim is to guide you through the process so we end up with something we are both happy to show off.

All sites are built to be mobile friendly which means they work really well on Mobile Phones and Tablets, are fast at loading and are SEO optimised from the start so they will rank well from the beginning. This means they also work well on PC's and Laptops.

When I create a site its not just about how it looks, but I also ensure all the code is how it should be, measure the performance and how quickly it loads, test it on a vast array of mobile devices and browsers and also optimise the whole site so it loads quickly. Everything from images, hosting, to reducing the amount of scripts is taken into account.


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  • CMS and WordPress updates
  • Website Security and Disaster Recovery
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The services I provide are predominately digital which includes web design, mobile friendly web development, websites built to be mobile first on iPhones, iPads and Android Devices, online marketing and search engine optimisation, social media marketing, PPC and Google Ads and Analytics.

The Web Design Process


When I design and build a website I spend time researching and analysing you and your business, your customers and your competitors.

This helps to build and define exactly what you want to achieve from your website. All my consultations are free of charge.


I ask you about your business and create a brief of your requirements, your wants and desires, what you do and don't like, colours, fonts and all manner of others things.

After I have compiled this brief I send it to you along with a quote.


When we are happy with where we are going and you are happy with the price, I then design the site in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

When you are feeling good with how it all looks I then begin the building of your site.


When the site build is complete and we are happy with how it performs and its working well, then I officially hand it over to you.

I generally don't take payment until this point, but if its a big site I may sometimes ask for a deposit, dependent on the time it will take to complete.


After your site is up and running, I wont just leave you either, I will ensure its running properly and usually perfom little tweaks here and there if you require them, like an image change or a title change. If its a larger change like additional pages, then we can discuss the options and how much it will cost.

Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting I dont skimp but use a professional hosting company with good quality, reliable and fast servers.

I tend to shy away and advise against using the cheaper bulk hosting companies as they dont offer as much when it comes to support and hosting tools.

Get In Touch

If you are after a new website, an update to an existing one, an additional page, a small change, large change, want a completely brand new site designed from scratch or just want to chat about your options please feel free to contact me.

I dont just tell you what you should have but nurture what you want to have in a site, while advising on what can and can't be technically done both in your budget and code-wise. I wont babble you with technical talk but will try and explain it all in a way you understand.