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AnodisedBlue provides amongst the best digital services.
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Graphics that are crisp, sharp and optimised

Graphic Design Services in Suffolk

AnodisedBlue has an extensive and professional graphic design service that produces digital artwork for anything from a banner to a full website mockup.

We use the latest Adobe Software and have the full Adobe CC suite including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Acrobat Pro DC and much more

Graphic Design services for printed media

Design for Print

Designing graphics for printing is not just about producing some nice looking graphics and a logo and then leaving it at that.

Using the best available Adobe Professional Graphics software you can be assured of a quality job that works as intended.

Branding really is not a logo on your website or business card. it is so much more than that.

Business Branding

A Brand can be defined as how your company is interacted with by its audience. It is how people view your company and its values.

Our branding service can help make your company stand out from the crowd and give your company an identity that is rewarding and engaging for you and your customers.

A great logo is key to the success of a business and remains in the mind.

Logo Design

When you think of famous brands do you think of their products or do you first remember their logos? Nike and Coca-Cola are classic examples. Chances are you think of the Nike Swoosh before their trainers. This is the power of a good professionally designed logo.

With many years experience of producing logos for many local and not so local companies you can be assured we use the best methods and design techniques possible to give you an identifiable graphic signature.

To have a successful marketing campaign its a good idea to have more than just a website.

Publications, Presentations and Portfolios

Promoting any product, new or existing or getting your name out to customers can be a daunting experience but we can help you along the way.

We have many years of corporate and graphic design experience to deliver you a publication that is ideally suited to your needs.

Why Choose AnodisedBlue?

We’re Professional

With many years of commercial experience and many happy customers you can be sure we will do a great job.


We do things when we say we are going to do them and don’t leave it for weeks to answer your queries.

Because having a new site should be fun

We enjoy the work and sites we create for our clients and are as proud of our work as our customers are.