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Branding is not just a logo

Building Emotional Attachments


Business Branding

Branding really is not a logo on your website or business card. it is so much more than that.

A Brand can be defined as how your company is interacted with by its audience. It is how people view your company and its values.

If there is not a consistent emotional attachment to your company you do not have a brand. If people cannot identify with your company’s core beliefs or the message you want to convey you also don’t have a brand. A brand its not just about looks and colours of a logo although that is important. Branding is the way your company or organisation communicates with its audience and shows its services and products.

It is a way to show off the personality of your company and how it engages in a visual sense to customers and followers. A well crafted brand has a high impact, helps plant your company or products in peoples minds and wins over their hearts and even their souls.

A great brand can bring about loyalty that is fierce and your company can become a household name. Branding that has achieved this are companies such as Ferrari, Apple and Fairy Liquid Although branding is not as complicated as getting a manned mission to Mars, creating a brand that works still needs a bit of thinking and some relevant strategies. At AnodisedBlue we have the experience and tools to be able to update existing brands or create new ones that will work for your business whether it is small or large.

Our branding service can help make your company stand out from the crowd and give your company an identity that is rewarding and engaging for you and your customers.

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