Web and Graphic Design from Suffolk


Hi, I am John, the owner of AnodisedBlue and I have been building all kinds of websites and providing professional graphic design services for all kinds of customers for over 15 years. My clients include businesses local to Suffolk as well as several nationwide. Clients include Corporates, SME's, Sole Traders and Ltd companies and the sites I have built range from custom built online shopping sites to small single page sites for local businesses.

AnodisedBlue also provides SEO, PPC, Social Media and Online Marketing Services tailored to your requirements. My Goal is to provide you high quality, comprehensive mobile friendly websites, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing at a reasonable cost.

I have produced work for clients in many differing sectors some of which include: Construction, Manufacturing, Domestic and Commercial Cleaning, Fuel and Oils, Locksmiths and Security, Electricians, Entertainment, Consultancy, Recruitment, Stonemasonry, Beauty and Cosmetics, Gaming, Motorsports, Engineering, Minerals and Mining, Retail, Restaurants and Pubs, Furniture and Upholstery and many more.

With the ongoing changes to Google’s search engine, it’s now important that your website is not only responsive but also mobile friendly and quick to load. Mobile first web design is no longer the future but the present and if you are to rank well in search engines your site needs to work well on all devices.

My Design Studio is based in a home office. I started life as a CNC Machinist, then became a Design Engineer, served in the Royal Air Force before having a change of career moving into IT and Graphic Design. I have commercial experience in Web and Graphic Design and have many years of project management experience gained in Manufacturing so am aware of the need to deliver work on time and in budget.

AnodisedBlue provides a full range of web, graphic and online marketing services for all kinds of businesses and none of my work is outsourced. I am responsive, polite and friendly and always try to be affordable. I aim to build relationships with my clients that last years and most of my business is by word of mouth, recommendation or repeat business.

If you would like to know more about my professional side, feel free to browse my LinkedIn profile or visit AnodisedBlue on social media