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Websites for Smartphones and Tablets

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Websites for Smartphones and Tablets

Every website we design is designed using a mobile-friendly approach. This means your site will always work properly and look right on any mobile devices.

Mobile friendly web design and how users interact with your site using mobile devices, is now more important than ever before as the majority of users surf the web using a Smartphone or Tablet. This growing trend in using mobile devices for internet use is exploding.

The best approach to having a pleasant mobile experience for your customers is to use responsive website design. A responsive website fluidly changes its layout to suit the screen size and devices it’s being viewed on. This means the website changes automatically so it always remains functional to a user whatever device they are using. It also means that a user does not have to use so many mobile gestures to navigate round your site.

Responsive Website Design allows for a streamlined experience across all mobile devices and desktop computers also.

Over 50% of people view you as more professional and have a happier experience if they can use a site that is optimised for mobile usage.

If Customers are happier using your site then they are going to stay on it longer which increases engagement and this in turn gives you a better chance of making a sale or getting customers to perform some other important action.

Are you interested in “Going Responsive” with your new website?

If you are looking for a mobile-friendly, mobile-only or a 100% responsive website design then John is ready to advise and discuss with you your mobile vision to draw more customers to your website in the ever growing mobile market. Contact John today and learn how you can reach out to more customers via their Smartphones and Tablets.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

All the websites we build for clients are responsive and mobile friendly - this means they will work on all devices into the future.