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Reasons to Budget for a New Website

Why you should allow for a Website in your budget

Keeping your website up to date and modern is worth it every time and you should always place a portion of your budget aside to allow for updating or redesigning your website.

If you website is not generating new customers or sales you should definitely think about getting it redesigned and placing a budget aside for marketing and search engine optimisation.

Adverts in local papers, on flyers, in free newspapers and classifieds are ok but in this day and age of internet focused marketing and digital advertising, a good quality, well designed and mobile friendly website is not just a luxury it’s a necessity.

Spending money on keeping your website as good as it can possibly be will pay dividends in getting more customers, keeping old ones and generating more sales for your business. A good website will also enhance the reputation of your business.

Your Website gives your business virtual customer service

Lots of companies spend an absolute fortune on marketing, social media and printed media but then spend next to nothing on their website. They always see a website as an expense and not as an essential tool for business growth.

Your website is the first place most of your customers will go to learn more about you and your business and what products and services you have and it’s generally where they form an impression of your company. Not always but 90% of the time it’s where people go these days to find out about companies.

“By the beginning of 2017 about 90% of devices that are used to get on the internet will be mobiles”

Using older style marketing tools like printed flyers, free newspapers and similar things don’t work these days as people mostly see it as junk and it goes in the bin. One or two flyers a year may get saved, if for instance it’s a free meal at the local restaurant or money off a pizza, but on the whole things that come through the letterbox are binned.

The difference with a website is that it’s geared to how people view the world these days. Company websites are not seen as spam or junk mail and people generally search for what they are interested in purchasing, so if they happen across your site they will stick around longer to view what you have than if it was printed on a flyer.

Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Digital Marketing gets you more views

Instead of simple website which looks like a restaurant menu with bullet points of the services you offer it’s much better to have a site full of rich content, relevant images and things people find interesting. Your site should offer broad appeal and not appear like a list of the things you do

By having engaging content and relevant information about your services or products you will keep people on your site for longer. Doing this helps develop a better relationship with your customers as they learn much more about what your business is about. You begin to prove with quality content that you are worth doing business with and you establish a following.

Having a following helps bring repeat business and leads to you selling more in the long run. Ways to add engaging content your site can be things like adding a blog with handy tips and topics, adding videos that show all about your products and writing good quality content that keeps your customers on site. It also pays to make sure you are using good quality search engine optimisation techniques so your site is liked by Google and other search engines.

Your Website should be updated often with fresh content

Running a business should be fluid and you should aim to grow your business to a level that you are happy with. You should also do the same with your website. A website should represent the changes in your services, your business and your products. Your site is one of the main portals that allow customers to interact with your business and contact you.

Therefore it’s very important to provide information that is fresh and updated, is accurate and shows the customer exactly what you are about. An old static site is not going to allow you to do this easily, so it might be a good idea to upgrade to a website with content management which allows you to keep content updated daily if you want to with ease. An older website will also not be so easy to use with Social Media.

Websites which were doing well 3 years ago will not be optimised to do well today especially on mobile devices and will even be a chore to use.

Your Website is not friendly To Mobile Devices

By the beginning of 2017 about 90% of devices that are used to get on the internet will be mobiles. To an average customer having a website that isn’t responsive or mobile friendly is going to cause friction when potential customers get annoyed because they can’t use your site properly.

This is only going to lose you customers and all important web traffic. If you don’t have a mobile friendly site you should consider updating it as soon as possible. Your business is better than the rest so why are you not showing it? Have you noticed how your competitors are using images, blogs, social media and information on their websites? Have you noticed they are above you in search engine listings? Are you trying to fight them by paying a fortune out on Adwords?

You should be doing better than they are by using the techniques they are using to push your site up Google. Analysing competitors that are doing better than you are is a great way to find out where you are lacking. Don’t copy them but emulate them with your unique content and business style.

Try to set yourself apart from the others by being fresher, more engaging, having better content and being dynamic. Monitor competitor sites closely and react to what they are doing to make your business website better than the rest. Having a new website is a great way to do this.

Having Your Website redesigned will save you money

Visitors come to your site, if they don’t like what they see within 2-3 seconds they will be off to someone else. A modern, fresh and well designed site keeps customers on it and pulls them into learning more about your products and services. If you don’t want to lose customers through having a poor website then it’s important to allow for the cost of website maintenance or a redesign in your budget. If think you won’t lose sales by just having the same old site year in year out then you will lose customers and it will cost you far more in the long run.

A good website isn’t an expense or an afterthought, it is a necessary and important addition to your business and you should always include it in your budget.

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