Website Redesign services

Keeping your shop front up to date


Websites should ideally be updated every 3 years or so to keep up to date.
Website redesign

Are you wondering if it might be time to have your website redesigned? Do you have a site that isn’t performing or is getting old?

Your website should reflect what your business is about in a professional, engaging and positive way. It should build trust between your company and your customers.

It should also give your customers what they are looking for easily and efficiently. If you want all these things you are in the right place.

Anodised Blue’s professional web and graphic design services use and focus on the best online marketing and web design processes.

We can redesign your site to be modern, fresh, easy to navigate, customer and conversion optimised, search engine friendly and audience focused.

We can redesign your site so it performs better for your business and channels customers into doing something more than just visiting – like buying something, telephoning you or sending you an email.

Why would I want to have a website redesign?

  • Your website is a few years old and is not mobile friendly
  • It takes a while to load
  • It isn't performing well in search engines
  • People have said it’s hard to use and navigate
  • No one ever seems to buy anything
  • You want to renew the look of your site
  • Your Business has changed or is changing
  • Re-branding exercise
  • Your previous web designer has disappeared and you can’t access anything
  • You want to add content management to make changes more often
  • You want to add eCommerce to your site
  • Your visitors don’t stay more than a few seconds
  • Poor performance and rating in Google Lighthouse
  • Security updates
  • No longer compatible with updated standards - PHP7
  • To make it harder for your site to be hacked

Whichever reason you have to consider a site redesign be it a product or service change, a business refocus or bad customer feedback it’s a worthy avenue to pursue. With web design technologies, mobile devices and design trends moving on it’s probably a good idea to have a redesign if your site is more than 3 years old anyway.