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Using a website should be easy and seamless.

Web Design

Over 50% of your potential customers will judge your company on how your website looks and sales on the internet in the UK are now over 10bn or so per month.

Building a strong reputation and presence online is critical to allow your business or company to gain a foothold in its niche or market.

Mobile-Only websites for simple tasks.

Mobile Only Sites

Mobile-Specific websites are designed purely to work well on Smartphones or Tablets. They look and feel similar to a mobile app with large buttons, no scrolling, simple navigation, no images and app like features, but can work like a website and can incorporate content management.

They can be specifically designed to be lean and carry out simple tasks without needing all the extra bloat that comes with a normal website.

Anodised Blue can help you decide whether a mobile-only website or a responsive website is the best course of action for your requirements.

Easy and Efficient Usage on All Devices

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design allows for a streamlined experience across all mobile devices and desktop computers also. Over 50% of people view you as more professional and have a happier experience if they can use a site that is optimised for mobile usage.

Every website we design is designed using a mobile-friendly approach. This means your site will always work properly and look right on any mobile devices.

We design websites to be SEO friendly

SEO Friendly Web Design

More than 87% of clicks though to websites occur on the first page of Google searches. Therefore a good quality web design should incorporate Search Engine Marketing (SEM) within its structure. Getting growth into your business should start with a professional and efficient website design.

So Anodised Blue designs websites that incorporate SEO from the start and this makes it far easier in the future to be flexible with your SEO strategy as factors and rules change over time.

Bespoke WordPress Site and Theme Design


WordPress is the worlds leading content management platform for creating a wealth of powerful websites on.

Easy to update and maintain WordPress can house a simple one page site or an e-commerce site.

WordPress is very powerful but at the same time very easy to use so your site can always be up to date.

We can develop custom WordPress sites with unique professionally designed themes that are mobile friendly.


Easy Product Marketing and Stock Management

E-Commerce Web Design

A well built eCommerce website will market your products online and help you sell more. An eCommerce site shouldn’t just be about slapping your products into an online shop and then hoping they sell.

We support custom designs in all major eCommerce platforms from Magento and Vevocart through to WooCommerce and more.

Increase leads by targeting customers

Lead Generation Websites

Lead Generation websites allow your business to increase leads by targeting a specific portion of your customer base or by marketing a specific niche or service. They offer a quick rundown of your services or products, its features and its benefits to a targeted audience.

They are used to encourage a customer to visit your main site, illicit a response, pull a user into performing an action or generating traffic for your main site and its products.

Professional Bespoke Websites with no Templates

Custom Website Design

Understanding that each business is different and therefore each website requires a different design approach is the philosophy we like to use – so we never use the same design on more than one site and we won’t use templates unless the customer has specifically asked us to do this, maybe because they have purchased one.

A custom design is better for your business as it’s built specifically around your products or services and is fine tuned to what you want out of it.

Websites should be updated every 3 years or so.

Website redesign

Your website should reflect what your business is about in a professional, engaging and positive way. It should build trust between your company and your customers. It should also give your customers what they are looking for easily and efficiently. If you want all these things you are in the right place.

Are you wondering if it might be time to have your website redesigned? Do you have a site that isn’t performing or is getting old?

Custom PSD and Graphics to HTML

PSD to HTML Services

Beautiful Designs created in Photoshop and Illustrator and then hand coded to html with the highest quality.

Quality HTML that is robust, up to date and has cross browser support.

PSD to HTML that is responsive and mobile friendly.

Made from custom web designs we produce for you or from your own or third party designs.

Why Choose AnodisedBlue?

We’re Professional

With many years of commercial experience and many happy customers you can be sure we will do a great job.


We do things when we say we are going to do them and don’t leave it for weeks to answer your queries.

Because having a new site should be fun

We enjoy the work and sites we create for our clients and are as proud of our work as our customers are.