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PPC and Google Ads

PPC can be especially effective if you are lower down in the search listings, for example if you are not on the first page or what to outperform a competitor. It is also useful if you are in sectors that people are searching for a service, such as a Locksmith, Plumber, Electrician etc.

PPC is a system that allows you to display sponsored adverts on a website or search engine. You often see a version of this called Google Adwords at the top of Google when you have carried out a search.

How it works is that you choose optimised keywords around the content or services you have on your website and then create adverts using those keywords. You then bid an amount for your keyword to be shown, the more you bid the higher it will be shown, and when someone clicks on your advert you pay your bid. PPC is in effect a keyword auction which allows you to try to outbid someone else’s advert or bid higher on a keyword so that your advert is shown higher than the other persons.

It is best to monitor PPC Campaigns on a daily basis as bidding fluctuates as other advertisers try to outbid you. Sometimes though it’s best to tweak your keywords and adverts rather than making higher bids as this can lead to bidding wars which in turn leads to great expense.

You can however, using clever marketing strategies and being creative with your adverts and keywords, outflank another advertiser without breaking the bank. Another good thing to do with PPC Campaigns is to always have website content that backs up your advert. There is no point for instance advertising that you sell something if the person clicking on your advert arrives at your site to find no related content.

If you have a new site or one that has yet to be optimised correctly for search engines, PPC can be a quick fix to drive traffic and customers to your site whilst you work on enhancing the natural SEO ranking of your site which generally can take a few months or more. PPC allows you to get your website presence to the top of the search engine listing with a little less effort and can generally get you increased traffic inside of a few days.

It is important however that any PPC Campaign is fully optimised as it’s not a simple thing to do and it requires knowledge and expertise to make it work properly otherwise it becomes a money pit.

PPC Adverts are different from the normal website listings you see when search for something and generally, in Google Search at least, appear at the top and side of the page.

As Search Engines and Markets are highly competitive PPC allows you to more readily catch a customer’s eye due to the careful placement of the adverts and therefore these adverts can help drive more people into visiting your site than would normally happen.

PPC can be especially effective if you are lower down in the search listings for example if you are not on the first page.

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Pay Per Click can be highly targeted to customers and can be varied to suit any current offers or new products and services you are offering. You are able to define in great detail what you want your advert to achieve and target it at specific towns or regions or even funnel customers to different areas of your website or to different stages of a buying process.

PPC can be highly focused so generally the leads from it are better quality as most people only click on adverts if they are interested in what they are saying which generally leads to a better conversion to selling something.

If you want an immediate tool to get people to parts of your website to buy something while appearing at the top of a search engine page then PPC is generally considered the best option and is a great tool if you want to get your business name out there as soon as possible