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Great Local Suffolk Businesses to try

I thought this month as its the new year I would show off some of my valuable customers who I have developed great relationships with over the years, indeed some of them have become good friends.


These are all local East Anglian businesses and provide great services, I know because I have sampled them myself and always go to them if I require use of what they supply. Its also good to network and showcase businesses I have produced work for and that I have grown to trust over the years as valuable clients. Without them I would not have work for my business and that I appreciate.


The Foam Shop

So we begin with The Foam Shop, they are based on Edmonton Road in Kesgrave, next door to Elmers and supply all kinds of things to do with Upholstery. From fabrics and fillings, to foams and upholstery tools they are your one stop shop if you ever need anything to do a DIY repair on any furniture.

They have been about for many years and are highly skilled and have one of the best upholstery repair and re-upholstery services in our region. Well worth a visit if you need a dining chair or sofa repaired. They even make cushions to order and also have a service for providing boat and yacht upholstery.

    the foam shop  

PSM Locks Auto Locksmiths

Up next is Ipswich Auto Locksmith – Paul runs a 24 hour Vehicle locksmith service that covers all of Suffolk, the A12 and the A14. So if you are stuck and cant get into your car then he is the man to call if you need a new car key, a fob programmed or cant get into your caravan or truck. He has all the latest kit and is very professional.

A really friendly man too and cares about his customers and his business. He also has a top notch domestic and commercial locksmith service for all kinds of buildings from homes to offices. I know that once he went out to a customer on Christmas Eve in the pouring rain to unlock a Picasso. That is dedication.

  Ipswich Auto Locksmith  

UK Carpet Care

Rob runs UK Carpet Care which includes Ipswich Carpet Care and Kesgrave Carpet Care. He has built his business up from nothing and he and his team are very professional and hands on. I think personally they provide the best carpet and floor cleaning services in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you think that cleaning a carpet is just laying down some shampoo and wiping it off again you will be surprised at how technical it really is.

They even check the ph of your carpet fibres to see how they will react to cleaning agents. I don’t know about you but my carpets cost a fortune and I would rather someone like Rob and his team cleaned them properly so they didn’t get ruined or shrunken. The team also runs Suffolk Rug Care and often clean rugs worth in excess of £15k so you know you are getting the best there is.

  UK Carpet Care  

Suffolk Gutter Clean

Chris runs Suffolk Gutter Clean. He also started his business from nothing and provides a cleaning services for all kinds of gutters. I went out to watch him before Christmas and its quite technical, you have to always be aware of delicate parts of building such as camera and gargoyles so you dont damage them.

The kit he has is very high tech and expensive and even has a remote camera on carbon fibre poles so you an examine gutters and other high parts of buildings. For a very reasonable fee Chris will clean all your gutters out with a high powered vacuum system that will allow them to work properly and prevent water damage to your walls.

  Suffolk Gutter Clean  

Ace Teardrop Trailers

Stuart runs Ace Teardrop Trailers. If you have ever wished to own one of those 1950’s style streamlined mini caravans he is the person to chat with. Locally built in Norfolk out of UK sourced materials they are exquisitely made and beautiful to look at.

They are perfect for a weekend getaway or even a longer holiday and are a bit like a Tardis in that they seem a lot bigger on the inside than the outside. They can be towed by smaller cars too as they are light and compact. If I had the money I would definitely get one as they are made to last for a long time and being made of metal are robust. Fortunately you can rent one like I did from £55.00 for a whole weekend!

If you are after some traditional style get an Ace Teardrop Trailer they are fantastic.

  Ace Teardrop Trailers  

Accendit Coaching

If you wish to run a professional business, or you are a startup, run a large corporation or are wondering how to eliminate waste from your business and streamline its processes, you should speak to John who owns and runs Accendit Coaching.

Based in Bury St Edmund’s John is a professional certified management consultant and business coach. He is also an NLP Practitioner and has been an operations expert for 25 years and a management consultant for 5 years. He is also an ELI Master practitioner and is certified to carry out Energy Leadership Index assessments. He is able to coach you and your business into achieving the very best it can so you grow to your full potential.

Like myself John is also an avid Motorsports fan and has also raced in real life. John and Accendit Coaching will help you “move away from the grey”.

  Accendit Coaching  

Next month I will do part 2 in the series of great local businesses to try. You wont be disappointed if you try them either.

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