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Professional Bespoke Websites and Custom Website Design with no Templates
Custom Website Design

Understanding that each business is different and therefore each website requires a different design approach is the philosophy we like to use – so we never use the same design on more than one site and we won’t use templates unless the customer has specifically asked us to do this, maybe because they have purchased one.

We know that businesses are unique and like to stand apart from their competitors so they are seen as different by their customers.

Because of this we like to create custom designs, instead of using templates that appear on thousands of other sites, but not only that, custom designs are more efficient and search engine friendly and don’t have any extra code they don’t need. They don’t carry any bloated plugins that Google doesn’t like and slow your site down.

A custom design is better for your business as it’s built specifically around your products or services and is fine tuned to what you want out of it.

During the design of your custom website it means that we take the time to research your company, its competitors, your target audience, whether you want to optimise for local or national searches, what you want your site to look like, what colours are best and take into account the services or products you sell. Then based on your feedback we ensure your final design is exactly what you want and is the best design to achieve what you require.

With all the information we gather from talking to you and through researching, we give you an easy to use, professional, modern and customer focused website that is optimised to enhance your company and draw in your customers to carry out an action, be it a phone call, a purchase, a newsletter sign-up or sending you an email.

Contact John today to find out more and discuss your Custom Website Design requirements. He is always happy to give advice and guidance.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Web Design:

All the websites we build for clients are responsive and mobile friendly – this means they will work on all devices into the future.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Always using the latest tech:

Sites we build use the latest and most current technology so they are future-proof and work well on all browsers whether mobile or desktop.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Unique Designs to suit your business:

All our sites are built for you so they don’t look the same as anyone else’s. We dont use templates unless we are specifically requested. Sites should be a special and unique as you are.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Comprehensive options and rich useful websites:

We don’t skimp on what you get, so you can be sure your website will do the job well and has room for growing as your business does.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Colour, Feel and Usability:

We design sites for our clients that reflect their products, business and personality. We also make sure with a lot of testing that they work well on a variety of devices and platforms.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Friendly and Supportive:

For a new or established business having a new site can be a daunting prospect. John has many years experience in web design so let him guide you through the minefield. Having a new website should not be a nightmare and you should not be left feeling short changed.
AnodisedBlue Web Design

Why Choose AnodisedBlue?

We’re Professional

With many years of commercial experience and many happy customers you can be sure we will do a great job.


We do things when we say we are going to do them and don’t leave it for weeks to answer your queries.

Because having a new site should be fun

We enjoy the work and sites we create for our clients and are as proud of our work as our customers are.