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/14th July 2014

What makes good graphic design?

Market Research

For businesses it isn’t just the reputation it has or what is sells that impacts on how successful a company is. Good graphic design is also key to making both small and large businesses stand out from the crowd and become successful household names. It is the reason large corporations like BP and Virgin Media spend huge amounts of money on getting their logos, fonts and colours exactly how they want them to be. They spend many months on market research asking the public about which logos and colours they like.

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/7th July 2014

Spud the Cat

This is my cat Spud. He is not really an average cat and does not have many cat like tendencies. He also has issues. Spud was the smallest in the litter and was not very well when he was born and was probably taken away from his mother when too young. I inherited him at about 5 weeks old.

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