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A Good Website Increases Sales & Grows Businesses

Advertising and listing in Phonebooks and Newspapers are getting to be a thing of the past. Most people will now use Google, usually on a portable device such as a Tablet or Smartphone, to search for a business or services website.

What your clients and customers see when your homepage opens will determine how successful your business is. If you are still trying to hang a business off a poorly executed 10 year old website then you are committing a sin about as bad as turning up to a wedding in a clown costume.

Unfortunately you may have a really fantastic business but most people have stereotypical and preconceived ideas of what something should look like and this follows for your web presence too.

You may be really lucky and have a business that is a global corporation or a household name so having a sub-par website may not cause too much damage but if you are like 95% of most UK companies you won’t be able to afford to make such mistakes. This goes for small, medium and large companies.

If you wish to grow your business you have to stand out and to do that you will need a website that shows off your professionalism in a way that doesn’t turn your customers away. A website is basically an electronic handshake or greeting, it is your company’s way of meeting clients in a virtual sense and your website can deter or engage customers within 20 seconds without them even ever having met or spoken to you.

Many large household names have suffered because they were too late in leveraging the power the internet and e-commerce had to offer. In Ipswich such names as Martin and Newby closed down in 2004 because they used the traditional method of personal service.

Face to face retailing with their customers, which was outdated and with an ever increasing market share by places such as B&Q and Wickes meant they just could not compete. Another household name to fail playing catch up was our beloved Woolies but luckily all their assets were bought up by Shop Direct and they survive as an internet only business but at a huge cost to their market presence.

So you can now see that having a good well laid out responsive website design is probably the most important asset you can have for your business going into 2015 so therefore you should always allow for a budget and resources to make this happen.

Many companies don’t do this and so consequently never grow out of their roots and ultimately fail within 18 months. These days a good web presence that is fluid and constantly evolving is a key process that all business should latch onto and embrace.

Websites should be designed so the user experience is great and not poor or frustrating which can only drive potential business away.

Luckily we have over 10 years experience in Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Online marketing so if you are reading this post and have decided that your business is in need of a new website you are in the right place.

Experience allows us to create websites for our customers that stand out and work and we often get feedback from our clients whose customers have told them that their websites are easy and nice to use which is what we are after.

By keeping all the work we do in-house we keep an eye on every stage of the project process. From the initial design idea right through to the marketing, if the client has chosen to take that option and we highly recommend you avail of our search engine and marketing services as a follow up.

A web design isn’t just about getting a website live, there should be much more in depth work that comes after that to drive traffic to it. Optimising your presence in search engines and leveraging online marketing is important and a lot of businesses do not allow any money or time for this aspect of maintaining their online presence.

If you require a new web presence to help grow your business into the future drop John an email at webdesign@anodisedblue.com he will be happy to give you guidance and advice.

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